Integrated Management System Policy Statement

Al-Yamamah Steel Company is distinguished for achieving the aspirations of its customers through administrative and economic stability based on the company’s vision and values, excellence and continuous growth in all operations with confidence and credibility to be the best always through teamwork by following the integrated management system and ensuring full commitment to the following:-

Providing high quality of Reinforcing Rebar products in compliance with Regnal and international technical specifications and standards. (SASO-ASTM)
Compliance with local laws and international standards for Quality Management (ISO9001:2015), Occupational health and safety (ISO 45001:2018) and Environmental protection (ISO 14001:2015).
Continuous analysis of risks and work to eliminate and reduce them through deliberation with all concerned parties and to create an appropriate and safe work environment to protect workers from work injuries and occupational diseases
Actively contributing to the continuous improvement and increasing the culture of commitment to the integrated management system (IMS) through setting the objectives, monitoring key performance indicators, and transferring knowledge and training
Periodic audit of this statement to ensure its suitability with internal and external Issues
This statement is published internally and accessible to all company employees and concerned parties to review and abide by it