Al Yamamah Company for Reinforcing Steel Bars

Al Yamamah Company for Reinforcing Steel Bars was established in 2003 with paid Capital of 300 Million.The primary objective is to set up an integrated Steel Plant for an annual production of more than 1.5 million tons of Reinforcing Steel to support the on-going construction activities arising from Urban and Economic growth in the Kingdom and Gulf Region.

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Creditable Integrity

Our Business Services are founded on our creditable integrity of good communications, genuine merchandise.

Effective Team Work

Our Business Style simply relies on our efficient team, starting with our supplier to the shipment team working in simultaneously.

Quality Assurance

Our Result Oriented Products are based on Quality Checks & Approved Quality Certificates.

Our Products

Yamamah Steel is producing grade 60 reinforcing steel bars starting from size 8mm to 36mm

Grade 60
Size(mm)No. of Bars / BundleLength(m)
8422 (1 Ton)6
10270 (2 Ton)12
12188 (2 Ton)12
14138 (2 Ton)12
16106 (2 Ton)12
1884 (2 Ton)12
2068 (2 Ton)12
2256 (2 Ton)12
2544 (2 Ton)12
2835 (2 Ton)12
3226 (2 Ton)12
3621 (2 Ton)12

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